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If you’re looking to move to the next step in your career, or are looking to make a career change, Springboard might be the guide you need. Join today and build your knowledge in hot tech fields like UX Design, Data Science, Data Analytics, Digital Marketing and Cyber Security. Your course enrollment gets you in-depth curriculum as well as the support of a mentor that is dedicated to helping you develop those new skills through projects and feedback.


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For me, it was a challenging and rewarding experience. I got a job offer right before graduation. The course allows you to move through the material at your own pace and you can take breaks if needed. Springboard provided career coaches, personal mentors (one-on-one, once per week), and student advisors. Support from the springboard team was exceptional. My mentor was great and incredibly knowledgeable. But be ready to work hard, and be consistent, if you want to get through this course because the curriculum could be challenging. Overall, I would definitely recommend Springboard.

This course was very beginner-friendly. I came from a background and career in education, and found the course format and instructional materials to be very easy to follow and learn from. The course gave me a taste of what it would be like to commit to a full program, while also preparing me for the technical skills test I needed to pass in order to gain admission to the full program. It is self-paced, so if you work full-time as I do, you can work on the course when your schedule allows. You get a weekly live check-in with a mentor who is a working professional in the industry, which was great. The excellent instructional videos by Colt Steele are the cornerstone of the curriculum for this prep course. There are plenty of opportunities to practice your skills with low-stakes exercises and assignments along the way, all of which help prepare you for that test at the end. For my money, this course was an excellent value.

I have learned so much during my Springboard experience. The application process was quick and easy and the more I learned about the program, the more confident I felt about enrolling. The curriculum is thorough with clear guidelines and expectations outlined for students.
There’s endless streams of support- career coaches, personal mentors (one-on-one, once per week), unlimited mentors, students on the Slack community or in virtual study groups, and student advisors. This program is also incredibly flexible with pricing- the loan option is outstanding and low risk- as well as timing (you can pause the curriculum at any time (limited on number of pauses) or can even do an extension if needed. This program is self-paced and offers endless opportunity to receive feedback on projects, develop a deeper understanding of the curriculum, and learn how to network effectively and land a job in your field.

This has been an incredible opportunity and I really can’t recommend them enough.

I just finished the UX/UI Career Track by Springboard and I am finally starting the most exciting part: job hunt! So far, I have felt great support from Springboard. I had my personal mentor, student advisor and career coach throughout the process. We had a Slack channel for the students in our cohort and it was very good to have an easy access to a UX community that is ready to help whenever needed! Apart from having finished a very dense, flexible and dynamic curriculum which presents lots of hands on UX practices; I prepared 4 UX projects, created my portfolio, wrote my first UX resume and adjusted my Linkedin profile!
Springboard program had prepared me both academically and professionally! I am looking forward to the next phase!

Springboard is by so far the best online bootcamp I have ever seen with real life projects that helped me explore more and expand my knowledge. The way the curriculum is designed is well outlined with adequate learning materials. The one to one mentor that we are assigned and the unlimited mentor calls that are accessible 24/7 made my learning process so much interesting and easy. Last but not least the students advisors and Career Coaches are as amazing as the rest of SpringBoard teams.
The mentors are highly qualified and were able to guide me in the right direction. I had no experience with data analytics but SpringBoard is an eye opener for me. The Slack community channel is another engaging platform for experience sharing and meeting students. I have just finished my course with fully equipped knowledge and more confidence than ever to apply for jobs. I highly recommend SpringBoard for anyone that wants to make a career change.

I had a great experience in the Data Analytics course with Springboard. The curriculum is well planned and you learn a wide variety of skills. I also enjoyed meeting with a mentor each week to be able to ask questions when I was stuck or uncertain. For my Capstone project, I was able to use both Python and Tableau for the analysis which was exciting as I had been completely unfamiliar with both of these tools before starting this course. Now that I have finished, I feel I have developed a new skillset that can take me to the next level with my current employer.

I had a fantastic experience with Springboard. I found the curriculum easy to follow, and it was a nice mix of didactic information, expert editorials and videos from a broad variety of sources. I started with no experience using design software and am now very confident in my skills (Figma’s my favorite tool). The capstone projects, modified Google Ventures Design Sprint and Industry Placement Project provide you with an excellent foundation for writing the case studies that you will use in your first portfolio. I found the 1:1 weekly mentorship invaluable. You have an expert there to back you up, answer questions, and keep you on track. As a bonus, every single time I needed to reach out to the staff for one reason or another, the team was so helpful and quick to respond. If you want to work at your own pace and feel ready to hit the job market at the end of your bootcamp, I’d absolutely recommend Sprinboard’s UI/UX Bootcamp.

This program was a great fit for me. Coming from a career background of education and music, breaking into the developer world was daunting. Through the mentorship, curriculum and job support components of Springboard I was able to learn the skills and experience to forge a path towards a career in web development while maintaining a full time job. Now, this was not easy and presented some challenges when it comes to balancing a demanding full time job with Springboard’s innovative and rigorous curriculum. However, my mentor was awesome in helping me through the highs and lows while giving first hand professional expertise. If you are serious about a career change into the coding/ tech world and are looking for a program that will match and support your desire to learn and progress to a career in software engineering then this is the program for you!



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Springboard‘s mentor-led online programs are guaranteed to get you hired. Learn data science, UI/UX, and coding by building real-world projects.

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