4 Ways to Wear Your Boyfriend’s Clothes in a Hot Way

Sex and the City – Season 2, Episode 3: Carrie is dating a very ‘normal’ boy who goes by the moniker of Ben. One morning, very early on in their relationship, the pair wakes up in Ben’s apartment. As much as he would love to stay with his beloved Carrie; Ben needs to dash. To cut a long story short, when she was left to her own devices, Carrie proceeded to scan his room with a fine-toothed comb, in search of something ‘weird’.

Honestly, Carrie should be ashamed of herself. Instead of looking for something ‘weird’ in Ben’s room, she should have been raiding his wardrobe. A man’s closet is an untapped goldmine of oversized items of clothing, waiting patiently for the right girl to come along.

Now, searching through an entire wardrobe can be quite overwhelming, particularly if it’s messy (which it probably is). Each closet is as individual as the man who owns it but if you keep an eye out for the following basics, you should be well on your way.

1. Denim Chambray Shirt

According to recent research, approximately 99% of men own a denim chambray shirt. Button the shirt to the top and wear it with skinny-leg trousers for a sophisticated, preppy look. Or wear it unbuttoned and loose for a casual alternative. A skinny-leg will ensure that the shirt doesn’t swamp your feminine frame.

Denim Chambray Shirt

2. Basic T-Shirts

Men love t-shirts. Most of them own quite a few. Dozens even. Fortunately, men’s t-shirts are almost as versatile as the female variety. Throw one of your boyfriend’s t-shirts over jeans, trousers, shorts or leggings. You can style it up with lipstick and heels or style it down with trainers. The possibilities are endless.

Denim Chambray Shirt 2

3. Boyfriend Jeans

Borrowing your boyfriend’s jeans is somewhat trickier than commandeering one of his shirts. There’s a distinct possibility that they might be a little too big. You’ve got two options here: either use of your own belts to hold them up or invest in a pair of men’s jeans that actually fit you. Over the past year, the baggy and comfortably style of boyfriend jeans has grown in popularity. If you’re going to go for a super-slouchy cut, pair it with feminine tailoring and high fashion accessories.

Boyfriend Jeans


4. Satchel

Who doesn’t love a good leather satchel? Let’s just hope your boyfriend owns one that’s big enough to fit your laptop, wallet AND beauty products.

In conclusion, if you’re going to take a leaf out of the book of Carrie Bradshaw and search through your boyfriend’s wardrobe, keep an eye out for the fashionable things and not the ‘weird’ things.


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