How to Style a Bralette for a Casual Look

Who says that you should only wear your bra hidden underneath the clothes? When something is as stylish as a bralette, it demands to be seen. From lovely lace designs to chic and minimal styles, today’s bralette can make the perfect addition to any outfit. Whether worn underneath a top and delicately revealed or above a shirt and in your face, this simple piece of lingerie can transform any outfit to feel fresh, stylish, and utterly exciting. So, if you’re ready to give this trend a try and inject some edge into your wardrobe, simply read on to find out exactly how to wear a bralette in style.

What is a Bralette?

A bralette is a specific type of bra that does not feature wires or moulded cups. The simple style is also generally quite thin and delicate. Most commonly, bralettes are made of lace, which enhances their beautiful appearance. However, they are also available in other materials. While bralettes don’t offer as much support as regular bras, particularly for ladies with average to large breasts, they do tend to be comfortable and very attractive. Today, the stylish piece of lingerie is worn both under and over the top of garments to create a unique and fashionable look.

What is a Bralette

Bralette Outfits

Make this lovely piece of lingerie an essential part of your regular wardrobe and watch it get the attention it deserves. Wear it over the T-shirt or underneath a lace top, a bralette can be worn in many ways and it suits many outfits. No matter what your personal style, you can be sure that there’s a chic and cool bralette look to suit you.

Bralette Over a T-Shirt

The current “bralette over a T-shirt” trend is somewhat of a spin-off of the iconic “slip dress over a T-shirt” look and projects the same edgy vibe. Ideal for infusing casual outfits with a heavy dose of attitude, the combination is daring and unexpected. For a stylish take on the trend, try wearing a black lace bralette over the plain white T-shirt. Just be sure to choose a crew-neck style as anything with a low neckline can appear unbalanced. Then, just pair the look with some cropped, black jeans and your favourite jacket. The result will be a chic and contemporary daytime look that’s anything but boring.

Bralette Over T-Shirt

Bralette Over a Shirt

If you’re after a look that’s similar but a little more sophisticated than a bralette and T-shirt, why not try a bralette with a shirt? Wearing a bralette over a button-up shirt can create a sharp and contemporary appearance that’s perfect for stylish ladies. To ensure you nail this look, choose a minimal and modern bralette. Anything too thin or lacey will appear flimsy and awkward when worn over a structured shirt. Also, keep the rest of your outfit relatively minimal. A pair of blue mum jeans and a small black bag are all you need to complete this look in a chic, smart casual style.

Bralette Over Shirt

Bralette Under a Jacket

When it comes to creating a bold fashion statement, wearing a bralette under a jacket is a fantastic option. The daring outfit, which banishes the need for a top, is both on-trend and sure to get you noticed. Best reserved for evening occasions, this look takes lingerie out of the bedroom and into the spotlight. To nail the combination, try choosing a lace bralette with a little more coverage than most. Also, pair the look with edgy items in thick fabrications and loose silhouettes. By doing so, you’ll help to balance the exposure from the bralette and create a killer look. Those who are a little nervous about trying this trend can also opt to keep their jacket done up with just a flash of lace from beneath.

Bralette Under a Jacket

Bralette Under a Sheer Shirt

Instead of just pairing your sheer shirts and tops with plain bras or camisoles, consider trying a bralette instead. The combination is ideal for both elevating sheer designs and showing off chic bralettes. While other bralette and top outfits often require simplicity to look right, this combination can handle a little creativity. So, don’t be afraid to mix in a little colour or even add a pattern. In particular, a sheer shirt with some statement embroidery can make an excellent option for wearing over a bralette. The look is also ideal for occasions when you need an outfit which will transition from day to night. All you need to do is add some heels and statement jewellery, and you’re ready for evening events.

Bralette Under Sheer Shirt

Bralette Under a Lace Top

While lace tops can create a gorgeous look, their fabrication can often make them challenging to wear. Luckily, this season’s hottest undergarment, the bralette is the perfect option for keeping covered without spoiling the lovely style. For a demure daytime look, select a bralette in the same colour as your top. If you’re after a more fashion-forward look, on the other hand, try choosing an opposite hue. In particular, a white lace top with a black, non-lace bralette underneath creates a striking appearance. Pair the combination with wide-leg pants and open-toe mules for a stunning, modern outfit.

Bralette Under Lace Top

Bralette Under a Knitted Jumper

Don’t think that just because your style leans toward comfortable and casual that you shouldn’t wear a bralette. After all, you may even find a barely-there bralette more comfy than your regular T-shirt bras. To pull off the undergarment in a relaxed way, all you need to do is pair it with the right items. While a shirt may be too formal, a knitted jumper makes the perfect companion. Just choose something lightweight or with a deep-V neckline, which will subtly reveal your bralette. Then, complete your outfit with other casual styles, such as denim or a relaxed skirt and a pair of chunky sneakers.

Bralette Under Knitted Jumper

Bralette Under a Tank

Wearing a bralette under a tank top or camisole is a great way to take a casual outfit up a notch. To nail the look, all you need to do is ensure your bralette adds a flash of fashion in a chic and simple way. While you don’t want your bralette to overpower your outfit, you do want it to be noticeable. Achieving this look can be done in several ways. If your tank top is of thick material, then your bralette may not be visible through the fabric. To make sure it gets the attention it deserves, you should choose a style with either a low neckline or oversized armholes. Doing so will allow for a thrilling flash of your bralette while showing off lace edges and stylish straps.

Bralette Under Tank Top

How to Wear a Bralette

  • Try wearing a bralette over a T-shirt for a casual and edgy outfit.
  • Wear a bralette over a shirt or under a sheer shirt for a contemporary, smart casual appearance.
  • For a daring outfit, go sans top and simply wear a bralette under a jacket.
  • To wear a bralette in a comfortable and casual way, pair it with a lightweight or low-neck knitted jumper.
  • Let stylish bralettes peep out from beneath tank tops for an unexpectedly trendy outfit addition.

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